California Governor Brown VETOES SB649

On October 15th, 2017 Governor Brown VETOED SB649, a bill that would have allowed the telecom industry to bypass traditional planning channels at the local government level, and install new cell towers on every power pole in the state with virtually no oversight.

While the telecom industry is licking its wounds now, they will likely be back soon with further attempts to erase local governments’ planning role. We must keep the pressure on.

Enjoy this poster above by Shelley Masters depicting life and the real threat that wireless communications poses to us all. Feel free to share and pass on (with credit to Ms. Masters please).

Thank you to the thousands of you who traveled to Sacramento, called, faxed, and wrote the governor from all corners of the state, making this veto possible.

This is YOUR victory. 

Also- a special shout out to the folks behind Scientists for Wired Technology who dropped everything and tirelessly worked to defeat this bill at the Capitol these last six months. Thank you!  -SSM!

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3 Responses to California Governor Brown VETOES SB649

  1. Carola says:

    I just emailed Governor Jerry Brown’s office to thank him for vetoing SB 649.

  2. Ruth says:

    Thank you Paul for saving our dna, our grandchildren, our minds, and our freedom.

  3. S Brinchman says:

    I am thrilled this bill was denied a signature. I am upset that Gov. Brown thinks that there is “value” in installing this “innovative technology” rapidly and efficiently. He still doesn’t get it. That means the industry can just get our bought and paid for state legislature to generate another bill to give them carte blanche in some other manner. Write Brown about health effects please! Also, and not least of all, A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WORKED ON THIS – SO MANY INDIVIDUALS AND ORG’S. Lastly, how can we order that poster? Please put it in your store if possible, a great fundraiser and absolutely gorgeous and correct in all it says! Truth and folk-art combined.

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