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The Green Sheen Wearing Thin- How Corporate Environmental Organizations are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the “Smart Grid”

By Joshua Hart MSc We send out a lot of press releases here at Stop Smart Meters!  Some of them get picked up by the mainstream media.   Most undoubtedly get relegated to the trash bins of reporters.   But it is … Continue reading

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Smart Meters: Who has the Power?

By Howard Glasser If you’re waiting for somebody else to do something about this, don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile we’re all being led like sheep to the slaughter while being portrayed by the industry that would commit genocide as a … Continue reading

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Berkeley EMF Analysis and RIP Shrub

PG&E installed 112 ‘smart’ meters on the wall at this Redwood Gardens apt. complex in January. The photo on the left was taken on March 19th. The photo on the right was taken April 7th. The photo below with the … Continue reading

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