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ComEd Enters Schools, Lures Kids to “Smart” Meters

Now that you have vomited, rinsed your mouth out, brushed your teeth, and taken a shower, we check in with who takes stock of these bizarre and disturbing scenes, and reports: “More recently it has become apparent that ComEd … Continue reading

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Corporate Interference: Fracking, Food, and Wireless Conference March 13,14 NYC

Three huge topics!  March 13-14, NYC Can fracking be done safely? How can you be sure you are feeding your family safe food? What are the health risks of smartphones and smart meters? Is Wi-Fi a public health threat? What … Continue reading

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It’s Our Right to Know- Let’s Make It So!

Do we have a right to know what’s in our food, our water, and our air?  Of course we do.  But corporations are profiting from a lack of accurate information being available to the public about products consumed and the … Continue reading

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