It’s Our Right to Know- Let’s Make It So!

Do we have a right to know what’s in our food, our water, and our air?  Of course we do.  But corporations are profiting from a lack of accurate information being available to the public about products consumed and the safety of our homes and communities.

When potential- or actual- threats to our safety are invisible, it becomes all the more important for written disclosure to be provided– so we can make up our own minds.  We have the right to know- now we have a chance to act and assert it!

A couple of important political vehicles are in motion to right the balance and let the public – not some lobbyist- decide what’s safe for ourselves and our families:


San Francisco’s cell phone radiation labeling program was part of the inspiration for a new law making its way through Congress

US Cell Phone Right to Know Act

The Cell Phone Right to Know Act (HR 6358) is a sensible piece of legislation introduced in August by Rep. Dennis Kucinich in the US Congress, that would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set safety limits that would supersede FCC’s current “guidelines” to ensure that people are not harmed by their daily use of and exposure to wireless devices.

This is a sensible, “right to know” type legislation that should receive broad bipartisan support. After all, how can you be against safety and the right to know?

Keep in mind that the United States, Canada, GB, Australia and many other countries currently have no biologically relevant standards for exposure to non-ionizing radiation, even though the World Health Organization just declared it a Class 2B carcinogen.

HR 6358 would also:

•  require cell phone labeling– both the radiation limit allowed, and device emissions

•  require the EPA to revisit safety limits every two years according to recent research

•  direct the formation of a research program on wireless exposures

Your active support is critical now to ensure that elected officials know the broad based support behind this type of law, and are held accountable come election day and beyond.  Urge your congressional representative- whatever their political affiliation- to support and co-sponsor the Cell Phone Right to Know Act!

What You Can Do:

1)    Contact your congressperson and your senator today- ask them to support and co-sponsor HR 6358 the Cell Phone Right to Know Act

2)    Sign the petition on the White House site

3)  Spread the word to your friends!  More details here.


California Proposition 37: Our Right to Know: Label GMO’s

Proposition 37 is on the ballot November 6th in California.  It would require food companies to disclose any genetically modified ingredients in their products and prohibit using the word “natural” to describe these products.   Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Pepsi and other chemical and bio-engineering corporations that profit from hiding these ingredients in our food supply are scared silly, dumping millions into deceptive TV advertising claiming that grocery bills will skyrocket and the sky will fall.

Really?  All because of a little label?  What could they be trying to hide?

What you can do:

1)    Make sure you are registered to vote if you live in California.  Monday October 22nd is the deadline.  Vote on November 6th and make sure your friends do too!

2)    If you are elsewhere in the world, call your friends in CA and remind them to vote YES ON 37 – this state specific battle will have national and international repercussions.

3)    Go to register your support and tell your friends why this is important to you!   Queen of the Sun- What the Bees are Telling Us–  is a great film relating to the toxic legacy of GMO’s – post and watch between now and election day.


The People’s House?

it’s remarkable that while the two well-funded presidential candidates were going at it last night, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and her running mate were forced to sit in a warehouse handcuffed to a chair for 8 hours, for peacefully insisting on their right to join the debate.

Hold elected officials accountable over the next three weeks- ask them if they support a full, open debate amongst candidates.  Ask them if they support our right-to-know about emissions from wireless devices and the GMO’s in our food.   Whatever you do, vote for the candidates and issues that are most closely aligned with your values, whatever their political party.

That’s never a wasted vote.

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4 Responses to It’s Our Right to Know- Let’s Make It So!

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I read that Dennis Kucnich also is proposing a national GMO labeling bill, Dennis is one of the best politicians that I have ever heard of.
    I already voted yes on prop. 37, and already have been boycotting any suspected food products that might contain GMO’s.
    Even Monsanto that has spent over $25 million to defeat Prop. 37, admits that prop. 37 doesn’t go far enough.
    An example is their ad featuring an old doctor saying that the prop. 37 is arbitrary and illogical because it does not include meat and dairy products, factory farmed fish and does not include restaurants in the labeling requirements.
    I totally agree, but prop. 37 is a stepping stone in the right direction, a direction that has already taken hold in at least 50 other countries.
    I have read some scary things on Wikileaks about how certain officials of the EU made statements that , any countries opposing GMO should be caused some serious pain (financially).
    These are very turbulent times as far as the globe goes. People are starting to wake up , stand up for our rights. Now , more than ever before, and I say “Bring it on”.
    For the time being, I recommend boycotting of all foods that contain GMO’s, the only way to do that is to only buy organic foods.
    As for RF radiation, if you have computers, disable the wireless function, if you have routers, also disable the wireless function (WiFi UHF). If you use mobile phones, which many of you activists actually do (myself included), learn how to protect yourself by holding the phone (UHF transceiver) at least 18 inches away from your body when using, and only use the speakerphone , NEVER EVER HOLD A UHF TRANSMITTER TO YOUR HEAD !. And don’t carry it in your front pocket either when turned on.

    • Paul H. says:

      Lol, I’m a sick twisted troll. I expose a derogatory comment made by Redi and a guy that doesn’t believe there is harm in RF energy emitting from the smart grid, agitates the situation.

  2. cz says:

    Just a little note, any time someone uses a cell phone or smart phone they are impacting everyone else with the radiation. This includes nearby people, neighbors and people living or working hear the towers their phones send signals to.
    EHS people get sicker and everyone’s body is impacted, not just the cellphone user.
    Look up the online book by Motorola researcher Robert C. Kane called Cellular Telephone: Russian Roulette. Second-hand EMR is real.

  3. fred l. rumsey says:

    What are the RF values from a smart phone vs. the smart meter? Can meter be shielded from the RF radiation?Who is ABB in regard to smart meters?I live in Maine and cleaning the snow off of the meters,the piping has to be cleaned off so ice won`t develop.Won`t be much exposure to RF rads in the winter months!!

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