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Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies

Analog meter choice bills are being considered by a number of US state legislatures this year, in response to a drumbeat of public complaints.  These states include: Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. For a list … Continue reading

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Elk Grove, CA Resident Files Lawsuit Against SMUD

In January, Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness member Mark Graham filed a lawsuit against SMUD in Sacramento County Superior Court, for elimination of opt out charges and a credit for the charges already paid. A number of Sacramento residents spoke at … Continue reading

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Australian Wireless Investigation Threatens Industry

After Australia’s “Catalyst” program aired a remarkable piece of investigative journalism into the wireless health cover up, industry mobilized to criticize the journalist, Maryanne Demasi, who covered the story.  Now Ms. Demasi is speaking out about her concerns that free … Continue reading

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Courts: One Win, One Loss for RF Safety Campaign

Last week, the Maine Supreme Court sided with the corrupt Maine Public Utilities Commission’s finding that smart meters are “safe enough.” Meanwhile on the other side of the country in Berkeley, CA, U.S. District Court Judge Chen ruled against the … Continue reading

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Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justices Grill Utility Advocates

As part of a potentially precedent-setting court case before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court over the health and safety of smart meters, on November 3rd justices heard an appeal of a previous ruling that smart meters were essentially “safe enough.” … Continue reading

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