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Ignore PG&E’s Certified Letter–Try this Letter Instead

Many people with analogs are receiving a certified letter from PG&E–a legalistic and intimidating tactic. Ignore it. If you missed the postal carrier, and are stuck with a pick-up slip, don’t waste your precious time going down to the post … Continue reading

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“What Do I Do Now?” Confusing Reports and Mixed Signals

[News links follow.] The short answer to the question of what you should do now, if you are a PG&E customer: If you still have your analog, we recommend that you defend that meter, and: Delay till May, Refuse to … Continue reading

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We Get Up Again: Sticking it to Smart Meters

These devices need a sticker if they are to comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s rules about unlicensed transmitters. Here’s one attempt to do just that. Make your own: Click here, then print on 3-1/3×4″ labels. Or create your own … Continue reading

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Pay for Your Health? Pay for Your Rights? We say No.

Yesterday the California PUC voted unanimously: PG&E customers who want to keep or restore a safe analog meter on their house will now be required to pay hundreds of dollars, and these arbitrary fees could increase later. These extortionate fees … Continue reading

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