Comparing Cell Phone and Smart Meter Radiation

From our friends at Burbank Action:  The utilities are telling us that smart meters emit less radiation than cell phones.   Is your utility saying the same thing?  After PG&E told Amy O’Hair that, she decided to find out for herself.  Seeing is believing, so watch the truth:

Can you trust your utility to look after your health and safety?  PG&E’s smart meter emits RF radiation levels far higher than a cell phone.  Keep in mind that on May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization classified the type of RF radiation emitted from cell phones as a Class 2-B carcinogen, on par with lead and DDT.   Do you want DDT sprayed on your home 24/7 every day of the year, every year of your life?

Talk about toxins and poisons: PG&E is the same utility that denied it was dumping toxins in Hinkley, CA, poisoning the environment and residents there.  Erin Brockovich documented the truth and sued them.  Now PG&E and other utilities are poisoning residents in communities throughout California with their RF smart meters.  Residents are outraged and want this to stop.

You can power off your cell phone so you won’t be exposed 24/7, or elect not to have one or use one in your home.  In contrast, the utilities won’t let you power off your smart meter and are forcing them on us, making them mandatory — even though the Federal government has not mandated them on our homes.  What’s happened to our rights to privacy, and to protect our health, lives, and the safety and sanctity of our homes?

If you live in a condo or apartment complex, and wondered what it’s like to live and sleep above a panel of these, watch this video:

By the way, apartment renters have rights, too, and are taking measures to oppose smart meters. So if you live in apartment or condo complex, and your utilities tell you that smart meters on a panel still emit less radiation than a cell phone, then watch this video:

The FCC limit for public exposure to microwave radio-frequency radiation is about 600 microwatts per square centimeter.  The panel of meters above emitted 873.  Would you like to live above or next to that panel?

Consumers are reporting that smart meters are giving them non-stop headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations and body aches, and making them so sick they are going to have to move.  They are also reporting that the smart meters are making their animals/pets ill.   Is this fair? Is this right?  Is this the United States of America that you grew up loving and respecting?

Some 45 local governments in California oppose smart meters, and are joining state-level efforts seeking no-cost opt outs for their communities.

Call and write your utilities and Mayor and City Council today and refuse smart meters at your home or complex.  Tell them why, too, and demand the right to keep or restore your analog meters at no extra cost and with no higher rates.   Send No Consent letters via certified mail.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors to do all of the above, too.

Take action.  Share what you learn with others. Educate yourself about smart meters and find helpful tools to take action at:,,, and

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16 Responses to Comparing Cell Phone and Smart Meter Radiation

  1. Greg Shea says:

    Hello. I am assuming that everyone reading at this website has seen the movie
    “Full Signal”? WIFI must be stopped in our schools. We need to air on the side
    of caution with respect to our electromagnetic environment. Cell phone towers
    are very scary. Why not ask why cell phones must not be used just before a jet
    takes off and lands? Have you ever noticed that radio reception can vary depending
    on your proximity? Hello! I am very happy to see that Californians are once again
    leading the way. Here in British Columbia the government, with its supposed
    “family first agenda” doesn’t get it. A recent study in Calgary, where a high school gym had been converted completely to wall screens so that the students could do
    interactive PE classes, found not one student perspired during the activities. How wonderful. And Canada has now downgraded its fitness requirements for healthy Canadians!

  2. chris lewis says:

    If every resident put a hammer through the face of their meter, it would send a message to the utility. You will still have electricity if you do this, it will just ruin the meter’s meauring and transmitting abilitiy.

    • admin says:

      @chris lewis We DO NOT recommend that anyone do this, or anything like this: the meters are, according to our sources, very likely to contain a mercury-containing tilt switch, which if released into your environment would be a very definite neuro-toxin. There are electrocution dangers as well. If you are willing to do this, please consider buying a safe analog meter, and replacing the ‘smart’ meter with it.

      Or, please direct your very legitimate aggression this way: write or call your state or local legislator, and tell him/her just how much you oppose these devices, and why.

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  4. Jacob Romeyn says:

    How many of you sit with your ear to the Smart Meter. Notice that the probe, to test the radiation, was not place in the rooms you would normaly ocupy, but right on the meter. The effect of radiation is reduced by the square of the distance removed.
    In that case the cell phone provides a lot more radiation to the person. I often see people waking with cell phones “glued” to the ear the for long periods of time.

    Well I can go on rambling, but as a Radio Microwave Engineer can can tell you that have no problem with Smart Metres whatsoever.

  5. James Huber says:

    @Jacob Romeyn. Nice to hear a voice of reason.

    The rest of you, consider this: if the power companies don’t use smart meters they have to send somebody around in a car, making frequent stops and starts, spewing known carcinogens to read the meters. Even if they use electric cars, that power still has to come from someplace and since hydroelectric et al is already at capacity, that probably means coal. You’re trading something that most of the scientific evidence suggests isn’t a danger for something that is a well established danger.

  6. Marcus Thompson says:

    Nobody is forcing us to buy anything, but if we do buy something then we are subject to whatever means and terms of sale the seller dictates/requires. If you dont want a smart-meter then feel free to get off the grid- go solar/kerosene/candles/whatever.
    How many smart-meter opponents have wireless home networks or smart phones? Isn’t that hypocritical?

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I was forced to donate to the socialized cost to buy SmartMeters for everybody who wants them. It was a forced sale, I did not want to buy a SmartMeter and I never had one installed on my house, but I still had to contribute to the PG&E corporate welfare fund to buy cheaply made pieces of junk (SmartMeters) made in China. And now I have to pay the socialized cost to pay for the removal of the JunkMeters. They charged me twice for a product that I never ordered, never received and have absolutely no use for.
      Your brain dead attitude which is that the people have to buy something that the seller dictates/requires, smacks of militaristic corporatism, and has no place in a free society.
      And, about feeling free to go off of the electrical power grid, there is nothing free about that. Many people live in locations where solar panels don’t work very well, or at all when the sun is not shining.
      If someone wants to go off the power grid, they have to have an additional source of power, and that power requires burning fuel. Also, the cost to generate ones own power is over 100 times as expensive as buying it from the grid.
      Solar panels, batteries, inverters, generators and fuel are very expensive, and nobody who has grid power available would ever go completely off grid. It is only the people who live in rural areas where there is no grid power available that have to invest tons of money to use electricity.
      Marcus, have you ever been to school ?, if so, which ones ?. One would think that you should know at least a little tiny bit about electricity, even with a third grade education.

      • Chuck says:

        Redi Kilowatt
        This person is amazing. I can not believe people like this walk the face of the planet, I am amazed that this person can go to the bathroom without any help. You said Marcus has a brain dead attitude, well lets make sure people understand your incompetence as well. First off the meters were installed into your housing or building unit for free, in other words it means no extra charge. You do have to pay a fee if you did not want it, but from the sound of it you got ripped of because the people obviously though you were a schmuck and could rip you off so ho is brain dead now. And for you to say its cheaply made because its from China, well once again you must be brain dead since everything is made in China and is cheaply made so whats your point really, that is just a fact of life everyone must deal with. Everything we buy is from China and is made to break on purpose its all money and business.
        Next we get it solar is expensive everyone knows that and going of the grid is impossible unless you want to go crazy and become a mountain man, but for those people who don’t get sun or the solar panels do not work, were do these people live? In the most remote places on the planet were they should not live? And this goes out to all those so-called wannabee environmentalists on this page and weirdo hippies, those people who live in the middle of a forest who cant use solar panels or get electricity are causing more harm to the environment were they do not belong and no human really should belong then this silly little meter. Believe i love the environment and i will protect it as much as i can but these environmentalist now days bark up all the wrong trees get in the worst fight over things that should not be, this is not the battle they should be fighting. They make it seem like this one meter is as bad as each house is strapped with nuclear waste. This thing give off radiation, well what thing now days does not. Do worry about a small device that is far away from you and gives of small amount of radiation, but do not worry about a Bluetooth device that emits cancerous radiation that will cause tumors in the brain and WiFi devices in your house that sends a signal to your computer by literally blasting through walls and roofs to get there. If your OK with these things then by all means good for you, if not then you better move to another planet because there is so much radiation in the air were you stand from residual devices that you will get cancer, so whats the point might as well except it while you have the chance and get some bonus out of what you have.

        • Paul H. says:

          The problem is real and it tends to start as soon as the smart meter is installed. If you had an analyzer you would be surprised at how little or how much you are exposed to. Wireless radiation is not mandatory but with a kill meter it is.
          Do some research Chuck, there is quite a bit given on this site. This phrase caught me, “you don’t get it until you get IT!”

        • Casey says:

          I can’t speak for all electric companies, but I do know for a FACT, that the electric company here does actually charge a fee to the customers for the meters. The charging of this fee was actually approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. The amount of the fee is $2.11 per month for eleven years, which is $278.52, which was to help off-set the cost of the meters to the company.

          @Redi Kilowatt- If PG&E meters are made by Landis & Gyr, they are actually made in Mexico, not in China. This is a FACT as well.

  7. Ken Mack says:

    Well if this is all so safe and wonderfull ,Why is it that i can t ever feel good anymore .Ears ringing ,Feel like i have pencils stuck in both ears Headache and if i stick around in the so called harmless signal i get all confussed . Whats wrong? Doctors don t know But i feel normal whe i get away from the signal and all my symtoms go away

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  10. Susan says:

    Has anyone measured the analog meters? Do you know for sure they are less or no radiation (as the electric company says they are)? I heard rumors they are a Trojan Horse, and they do look a lot like the smart meters but just with a different face.

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