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Nevada Fire Marshal Calls for Smart Meter Investigation After Fire Death in Reno

Update 9/16/14: Nevada State Fire Marshal Calls for Statewide Investigation Into Smart Meter Fire Hazards (Reno Gazette-Journal) KTVN Reno Local TV Coverage It was reported by the Reno Gazette over the weekend that a 61 year old Reno woman and … Continue reading

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Reports of Armed Intimidation and Trespassing in Nevada

Yesterday we received an unconfirmed report that Nevada Energy (NVE) trespassed on private property using armed agents, intimidating residents and refusing to leave when asked to do so.     This has become something of a pattern by the utilities- if … Continue reading

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Smart Meter or NO Power at All? Nevada Energy Sends Three Armed Men to Disconnect Power- Just for ‘Opting Out’

Nevada is supposedly one of those states with a smart meter ‘opt out’ policy.   On the ground, however, the reality is a little different. “Sarah” (not her real name) lives outside Las Vegas, Nevada.  Like many Americans she has been … Continue reading

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Stop Thacker Pass Lithium Mine: Another False Solution to Climate Chaos

              In 2007, when I was a student at the University of the West of England, studying for a transportation planning masters degree, I remember sitting around with our instructor and other students looking … Continue reading

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Protecting Against Coronavirus, Stopping 5G, and Creating a Safe Refuge for All of Us

We are happy to announce that the Stop Smart Meters! toll-free hotline has been funded for 2020, thanks to your donations and support! Thank you for helping us keep this critical lifeline available to those who need it! If you … Continue reading

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