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The Wireless Industry’s Attack on Our Quality of Life

At Stop Smart Meters! we talk a lot about the (now dizzying) amount of evidence piling up that wireless microwave radiation causes cancer and other illnesses.  But what about the (often less tangible) effects that this radiation is having on … Continue reading

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Wireless Corporations Face Rebellion from Parents, Teachers

If a serious rebellion against genotoxic wireless air pollution is to be mounted, it may very well be sparked in the schools. What parent or teacher (or child for that matter) with any shred of conscience could look at the … Continue reading

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A “War on Energy” — What Does that Really Mean?

      Recently, Josh del Sol, Director of the smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power, declared in a blog post that there is a “war on energy.”  This is a dangerous oversimplification. I think it would be more … Continue reading

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“WTF?” Widespread Overcharging and Irregularities Reported from Utilities’ Bi-Monthly Analog Meter Reads and Estimated Billing- Tempers Flare at Washington State Forum

                  The utilities’ latest trick to separate you from your hard-earned cash appears to be the policy of bi-monthly reading and estimated billing for analog customers. We’ve been hearing from an increasing … Continue reading

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Discussion of Our Smart Meter Legal Victory on Local Radio

Last October, I went on KQNY Quincy‘s Common Good show hosted by Joseph Munoz.  At that time, our electricity had been illegally disconnected by local utility PSREC, and we were essentially camping out in our home. Following our successful lawsuit … Continue reading

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