The Science

-3Evidence is accumulating that wireless technologies in general- and the “smart grid” and “smart meters” in particular- are causing serious health problems.

Familiarize yourself with the science, and share this knowledge with your friends, family, neighbors and especially politicians and others who have the ability (and grave duty) to change policy, recall smart meters- and order a full, impartial investigation into health impacts, privacy violations, overcharging, fire safety, and other flaws with this technology.

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

World Health Organization Designates Wireless as a Class 2B Carcinogen (pdf)

Interview with former head of WHO panel- evidence justifies “probable” cancer label

VP of Community Health for Santa Clara County Medical Association Cindy Russell: A 5G Wireless Future: Will it Give us a Smart Nation or Contribute to an Unhealthy One?

Peer-Reviewed Study of Symptoms Associated with Smart Meters in US Medical Journal

California Medical Assn. Calls for Stronger Wireless Communication Safety Standards

National Institutes of Health Study Reveals Cell Phones Alter Brain Activity

Santa Cruz County Health Department Report: Health Risks of Smart Meters (pdf)

Journal of Neuroscience- Evidence for Electro-Sensitivity

Public Health Implications of Wireless Technologies (Cindy Sage & David Carpenter) (pdf)

Bioinitiative Report: Summary of the Science

Assessment of RF Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters (C. Sage)

Dr. Henry Lai’s Vienna Report on RFR Bioeffects (pdf)

American Academy of Envl. Medicine Recommends Patients Avoid Smart Meters (pdf)

Pregnant Women Exposed to Magnetic Fields Risk Obese Children

Study: Health Symptoms Associated with Wireless Meters

A Collection of Smart Meter and Health Related Papers by Ron Powell Ph.D.

Reference to More than 700 Studies that Show Cell Phone Radiation Health Effects

More studies at:

40 Responses to The Science

  1. michaela says:

    thanks for setting up this website for other people and fighting this smart meter!

  2. Bob says:

    Make sure you look at Dr. Hirsch’s Figure 2 to get a real look at cell phone versus smart meter exposure. Then, consider that you won’t be carrying your smart meter around against your head for a good part of the day. As a matter of fact, most people will be much farther than 10 feet from their meter when they are in their homes, based on current home designs, with the electric service typically installed on a garage wall.

    • Mike says:

      Good point Bob – that must mean they’re safe, right? Wow. You must be super keen to get one into your home. How much radiation to you deem appropriate for either the ear or the whole body? Can you give us a figure of the known safe distance for either from an EMR source like a cell phone? Or are you just taking two graphs and see a height difference and drawing a bogus conclusion based on nothing more than word play?

      Question for you: I know of a few power companies who are keen to locate nuclear waste dumps just far enough away from the ear that they meet regulatory standards – are you interested in us locating one next door to your house? Also, given you fail to mention any privacy concerns, please can you strip immediately into your birthday suit and show us your gonads? I’m guessing you have nothing to hide too, right?

    • George says:

      Typical Smart Meter Installation does nothing for the unfortunate individual which due to their life’s circumstances, forces them to sleep with their head against the wall where the smart meter has been installed within a foot or so on the opposite side.

      Typical installation as above does nothing for people that live on the opposite side of a bank of meters as well.

    • Jeremy says:

      Bob, regardless of where you stand the antennas that are on the poles that communicate with your smart meter have a 5 sq mile radius of radiation so…wherever you stand you are being bathed in microwave radio frequency. Also, I hope your not holding your cell phone to your head.

    • Alix Prete says:

      Our meter is installed on the other side of my daughter’s bedroom wall. 🙁

    • jenny says:

      Actually, they are installing Smart meters up to 3 to 4 feet away from people’s heads in low income housing all across the United States! That’s right, directly next to the bedroom in which people sleep. believe me, you can move that bed around any direction
      you want, but you’d still be just feet away, and they put all the smart meters in ONE PLACE. … so whoever is in that one bedroom will have to sleep next to them. Legally, they can’t do anything because low income housing is often owned & operated by Housing Authorities (state or county).. and many are either not educated *or* there are no other housing options. … Since they’re broke! 🙁 🙁 Plus. … again, the argument about how “safe” they are at even at distance is still highly disputable

    • Nad says:

      In many places, the smart counters are connected on an important wall of the house, often it is coincidental that it is the one that carry the appliances of the kitchen. This means that peoples cooking or doing chores like washing dishes are just 2-3 feet from the source.
      It is a misunderstood fact that impulses of a smart counter are way stronger than the signal of a cell phone. Average of the signal is publicised but it is not what is important. You cannot say that if you punch someone only 2% of the time it is like making caress 100% of the time.

  3. By installing a grid-tied solar system on your home or business, you will NOT have
    a smartmeter. PG& E does not have smartmeters that they put on Net-metering customers as of yet. There is NO CHARGE for a bi-directional meter that gives you credit for your distributed generation production. I would encourage everyone to get a small system to save you money and essentially OPT-OUT while not being charged anything. It’s a sound investment for your home and will save you money and get you OFF of a smart-meter.

  4. Zal Moxis says:

    Ameliorations are meaningless. Just as in politics, you can vote for Democrats or Republicans but the System stays the same. My recommendations:
    1. Immediately stop installing radiation-emitting “smart meters”.
    2. Replace all “smart meters” already installed with analog meters, paid for by utility companies, not customers.
    3. Prosecute PG&E, the CPUC, and TURN for criminal actions in forcing the “smart meter” on us.
    4. Dismantle all private utility corporations and institute public power in California.

    • Kathy says:

      Amen. Back to basics. Back to less government control and disruption!

    • BrianYYC says:

      What make you think that public power being run by government is any better than private? Take a look at CA’s deficit to see where your taxes have vanished. Talk about the fiscal cliff…yikes! And they will pick your pockets again to cover the losses…if they ever will.

      • Former Alex Jone$tein Fan says:


        The American way is not “public-owned” (ie. Collectivism or Corporatism) but “private-owned” (Individualism/Self Sufficiency).

        Have any of you guys seen any of the new French-made Renault/LG “house batteries” that are now (as we speak) blowing Tesla’s away?

        What are you waiting for?

        Get off of your fannies, be an American- and actually get out there and do something, even if it’s wrong!

        Dump the Collective, and Get Your SOLAR On!

  5. May says:

    Thank you for informing us about the dangers of wireless technology.
    I encourage concerned people to take civic action as well as praying for guidance and help. May God bless you and Joshua Hart, too!

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  7. Chip says:

    The big picture on energy pulse poisoning and the world wide push for Smart Meters. I wish I knew what I can only guess at. Anyone out there have evidence of a world wide human population cull to be brought about by some sort of multi governmental master plan? Sounds crazy until you think about it.

    This site is a great info resource and there is so much to investigate, grow from and share.

  8. Fabian says:

    The fact you have cherry picked data to support your position is rather insulting to someone who has a strong understanding of science, and to those who do not have such a strong understanding in these fields, you do not provide any sort of balance in information in your leaflet, (for example there is no mention on how many studies that have shown RF EMF radiation has no known effect on humans animals and plants, nor do you explain the nocebo effect, nor do you even explain that we are surrounded by background microwave radiation from the universe all of the time) it makes me believe that you are just wanting to scare monger out of your own ignorance on how the physics for these things work. Science should never be cherry picked in a way that is misleading and certainly not in the way that you have. In short the way you have used data in this way angers me.

    • Mr. Fabian: It would be helpful if you would at least read the 2012 BioInitiative Report. Therein you may find that “cheery picking” science is what most scientists do. Especially in specialty sciences like the biological sciences. Another group of scientists might be very good at particle physics or electronics, but they would most likely suck at doing biological science. Perhaps you are confused?
      You see, science has to do with measuring actual physical parameters, and then deducing what the repeatable pattern or test result is. I’m pretty sure the 3,700 studies in support of a negative biological effects from electromagnetic induction, are not cheery picked by average dolts or money slaves for the utilities companies…

    • czehfus says:

      It is the industry that cherry-picks. There is no “balance” in RF and MW exposure when it comes to INVOLUNTARY exposures. Unlike sun radiation there is no “microwave block” to wear. I don’t mind if you want to exposure your family to dubious radiation but you cannot contain your unwise choice. And that is the outrage here. You can believe it is safe despite science showing otherwise, and then you can force your “belief” and radiation on everyone else? No, sir. That is not right at all.

    • Mr Fabian, You obviously haven’t done your research thoroughly or you wouldn’t have used the background radiation model. Smart meters emit pulsed microwave which is different from natural EMR. This same pulsed microwave is what is used in microwave weapons. Now if they are using pulsed microwave in microwave weapons then then it must be harmful wouldn’t you say. By the way in the 1970’s the Russians beamed cell phone strength (2.5 GH) microwave at the U.S. Embassy in Russia, 6 hours a day five days a week for years and many people came came down with leukemia and cancer and had to be replaced. Please view any of Jerry Flynn lectures or Barrie Trowers interviews (youtube) whom both were microwave weapons experts in the military. Please wake up to the harm that can be caused by microwave. Your anger is misdirected and should be aimed at the people who are making trillions of dollars at the expense of the publics health by saturating our environment 6 million more times dense with microwave before the advent of wireless devices. Not Good. peace,Steve

  9. Rita says:

    I would like to find out more about these “refurbished analog meters” that the power company is requiring you to allow them to come out and install if you opt out of the smart meter program. Our installer swore that the refurbished unit is exactly the same as the old analog meter we had, but that even the analog meters all had to be taken into their shop and tested to make sure they haven’t “slowed down” so that “the power company would be losing money.” I don’t trust this story for one minute. How do I know that they haven’t sneaked some kind of similarly invasive technology into the refurbished analog meter? The power companies were never interested in switching out our analog meters before now. What’s going on under the hood?

  10. Fabian, In regards to all the studies showing microwave harmless I suggest you read this article By Dr. Henry Lai ( demonstrating that industry funded studies mostly report no adverse health effects from whatever it is they are studying while non-industry funded studies report the opposite,thus the conflicting studies. Just remember industry or corporations are in it for the financial profit mandated by law. People such as the staff of this website and non-industry funded studies are looking out for the public health and not in it for giant profits such as the wireless industry . Does the tobacco industry targeting children as consumers ring a bell. peace,Steve

  11. Ian Macdonald says:

    I somehow doubt that the wireless emissions of smart meters are hazardous. If they were, people would be dying all over the place from just going near someone using a mobile phone.

    No. The real concern with smart meters is that they collect far more information than is needed to compile a utility bill. If you wouldn’t want a government camera monitoring what you do in your home, then you don’t want a smart meter.

    It gets worse, though, because the Greens want to introduce ‘smart appliances’ as the next stage of this ‘greening’ of the Grid. These would interface to the smart meter, and be controlled by it. That would mean the utility company having control over when you can use your oven, washing machine, TV, etc. Not you. That is the REAL reason behind the smart meter rollout. Not the automation of billing, which could be accomplished far more cheaply and simply.

    The reason they need to do this is because of the failure of wind and solar to live-up to the expectations of how much energy they would deliver. So, to make ends meet, the Greens must force strict rationing on the consumers. It’s either that, or they have to admit that their plans for 100% renewable energy are not going as intended.

    Now, have you ever known a Green to admit that they got it wrong on anything? No, they just come up with yet another lame excuse. Smart meters are the latest in this series of lame excuses for ideas that don’t work.

    • Paul H says:

      As of January 2015, our vital statistics office at the Arizona Department of Health Services shut down. Our numbers were skyrocketing and it was brought to their attention. Coincidence?

  12. Lori says:

    Concentrating on RF emissions is not the total
    answer to the health concerns. You need to start reading up on the Switch Mode Power Supply harmonic transients.

  13. Since the invention of radio, every single inch of air you pass through is flooded with wireless radio waves, microwaves, and others. Shouldn’t we ALL be dead by now if we all follow your dumbass logic??!!
    Buncha idiots!

    • Sarah Mitchell says:

      Hello these people are not idiots, you just have your head up your rear and think you know it all, well for your information the levels of radiation coming from these meters are far more dangerous, they constantly pulsate transmit through people,s homes, and these transmissions increase even more so at night, and when your stationary you become a target, and not even know it until you have been so bombarded with radiation you begin to feel all the symptoms headaches, ringing in the ears inability to think clearly, fatique, joint pain and many other symptoms, so when you finally get a dose of what these meters are doing to others, and making mockery of others suffering, you will be sorry you opened your mouth.

  14. Emily says:

    Our smart meter was replaced with one that transmits for a second every 4 hours. Not that I like any forced radiation, but is it really that concerning? I’m having trouble finding information on the meters that don’t transmit continuously. It’s only $15 a month to opt out but, if it’s a ‘safer’ meter then I might not. Can anyone offer insight please? Specifically info AGAINST smart meters, not for them. I suppose I’m looking to be convinced;) Thanks!

    • Josh Hart says:

      Hi Emily, obviously if a smart meter transmits 10,000/ day like many electric meters do, that is worse than 1x every 4 hours. But any wireless transmissions- especially pulses- disrupt cellular functioning and add to the cumulative exposure from other sources. You should refuse the meter and refuse any illegal “opt out” fees associated with use of safer analogs. -SSM!

  15. Jon says:

    Thank you so much for this Great webpage!
    I am conducting operations in north western Missouri. When platte clay electric placed a ami smart meter on my home on my birthday.
    When i was walking up the stairs to my front door i recall a bussing in my ears and it got worse. I will save the details for later.
    I have started a page on F/B at

    Trying to get a opt out out of Platte clay electric [UN]COOPERATIVE.
    So far their only tangible response has been ‘theres no need for a opt out’.
    Well thats not good enough for me and i will continue this fight until they do.
    Thanks again for your work on this webpage!!

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  19. Emerald Matrix says:

    Recently there was a news story about 3 or 4 children and 2 teachers in one elementary school who came down with cancer. There was a cell tower mounted very close to the school. The wireless company finally took it down.
    That is more than a coincidence.

    After I send him information on smart meter hazards, a young man called me to say he had not previously tied the events together that his seizures reappeared after a long remission when the smart phone was mounted on the outside of his bedroom. Now that he identified the problem he can sleep elsewhere and get a smart meter shield.
    The multi-source irradiation we get in our society does take its toll.

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