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“Everything the CPUC has Done Should be Re-Opened”

Mia Severson, former Attorney for the City of San Diego, talks to EON about the corruption that threatens the health, safety, and lives of the people of California, and how she and Mike Aguirre are suing the California Public Utilities … Continue reading

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Momentum Building for Smart Meter Ban in Sierra Foothills Town Where PG&E Was Founded

By Josh Hart, Director Nevada City is an old gold rush mining town in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Home to hippies, new agers, and spiritual communities, the area also attracts artists, musicians, and writers and has … Continue reading

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“Tell her to not manipulate her age and fragility to get her way”

While reading through backchannel e-mails, it seems that again and again there is one particular individual at the CPUC who pushes the utilities to be even more mean, hard, and cruel than they already are. (and that is a feat … Continue reading

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PG&E and CPUC Colluded to Hide Smart Meter Overcharging & Financial Ties to Firm Who Wrote Report on “Accuracy”

EMF Safety Network has reported on new e-mails that have been discovered between the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) regarding the study that was conducted by the Structure Group in 2010 purporting to prove … Continue reading

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PG&E Threatening 84-Year-Old Santa Cruz Woman with Disconnect if She Fails to Pay Protection Racket Fee

PG&E and other investor owned utilities (IOU’s) in California have been playing a cat and mouse game of threatening to disconnect people for refusing to pay coercive opt out fees, and then backing off at the last moment- in many … Continue reading

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