Discussion of Our Smart Meter Legal Victory on Local Radio

Last October, I went on KQNY Quincy‘s Common Good show hosted by Joseph Munoz.  At that time, our electricity had been illegally disconnected by local utility PSREC, and we were essentially camping out in our home. Following our successful lawsuit that ended up forcing the utility to reconnect us and drop their illegal “opt out” charges, and in which a Superior Court Judge ruled that the utility was violating state discrimination law, I returned this week to the KQNY studio in Quincy to discuss our case.

Full Coverage of Our Smart Meter Dispute with PSREC

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2 Responses to Discussion of Our Smart Meter Legal Victory on Local Radio

  1. Richard Leschen says:

    These Electric Power Companies,
    Are deliberately acting I allege with great wickedness towards their customers. Stating that people must pay a fee to the Electric Power Companies every month for keeping the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters is the height of Evil by these C.E.O’s of the Electric Power Companies.

    This forcing or trying to force people to pay this unlawful fee for keeping the Electric Passive and Safe Analog Electric Meters is Extortion and is the height of wickedness.

    Congratulations to Mr Josh Hart for winning his case and getting his electricity turned back on after having it cut off for a long time.
    These rude, criminal and Stand-Over tactics by the Electric Power Companies warrants that they these wicked C.E.O’s and their Ilk and their I allege to be Crooked Lawyers all need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the highest Court/s of the Land and tried by twelve (12) Jurors Straight and True before an HONEST JUDGE. If and when these I allege to be Criminals are found to be Extorting their Electricity Customers each of the C.E.O’s and their wicked Ilk need to be thrown into Gaol for a minimum of twenty years (20) to be served in full, and with no remission for good behaviour.

  2. Nita says:

    Thank you for the information. I just opted out and told them they could charge me the fee but I won’t be paying it. We’ll see what happens. By the way, are you aware that the links you have above are not accessible? (Page not found). How do they get away with all this and why are we given the option to vote for it? It’s all about the money, thank you Obama for totally ruining our county, bit by bit by bit.

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