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It’s Our Right to Know- Let’s Make It So!

Do we have a right to know what’s in our food, our water, and our air?  Of course we do.  But corporations are profiting from a lack of accurate information being available to the public about products consumed and the … Continue reading

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Reports of Dead Bees After SmartMeter Installation Add to Growing Alarm About Smart Grid Ecological Damage

“When I got home I saw my own walkway, which is on the other side of my neighbor’s smart meter, had a new pile of  dead bees.  This, dead bees in our garden, is a new occurrence.  Sometimes they aren’t … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage: Speaking Out Against Wireless Harm

By Anonymous For those of you obsessed with your wireless technology, I need to ask–why are my children and I considered acceptable collateral damage so you can have your wireless convenience? Have you utterly lost your sense of humanity? Maybe … Continue reading

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Electro-sensitivity Traced to Evolutionary Ancestors

Biologists know that many animals have acute sensitivities to electrical fields, and that this sensitivity often provides critical information about the world for these organisms. Now research has identified a mechanism. A new study states: “Electroreception is an ancient subdivision … Continue reading

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“I Love my Smart Meter- It Kills Bees”

Want a fright for Halloween?  How about our food supply being seriously disrupted? Now, according to a letter to the editor from Prescott AZ, we have installers promising residents that the EMF from the meters will “get rid of bees.”  … Continue reading

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