Great Sources for Smart Meter Resistance Updates

Dear Stop Smart Meters! supporters,

A few of you have asked where you can best keep up with smart meter/ wireless news and updates these days. We’ve assembled a list of allied organizations and individuals who do an excellent job keeping the public informed on the latest developments. See list below.

It’s incredible how the safer tech movement has grown over the past few years, and these folks deserve a good amount of credit. If we missed any sources, please contact us at

Also, if you ordered smart meter awareness brochures or public health warning cards from us over the years, and you no longer need them, please consider returning them to us so we can provide them to communities in need. They continue to be very popular outreach materials. Please send to Stop Smart Meters! PO Box 682 Portola CA. Thank you- we appreciate it.

If you would like to order outreach materials, EMF meters, books, and other items, you can do so in our online store. This supports our ongoing work to lend assistance to local communities resisting smart meter deployments and assisting those who have suffered injuries from this hazardous technology.

Also, if you are in a position to donate

Happy spring and stay safe,


Sources for Smart Meter/ Wireless Resistance News

Ed Friedman of Friends of Merrymeeting Bay (Maine) maintains an email list for periodic important health, environmental and smart grid news:

Virginians for Safe Technology and Wired Broadband hold weekly zoom meetings on Fridays- sign up here.

Arthur Firstenberg of Cell Phone Task Force Sends out impassioned and useful updates on wireless, including smart meters, satellites, etc. Make sure to see his recent e-mail newsletter that includes first person accounts of smart meter injuries. You can sign up for e-mail updates here.

Vicki Sievers sends out a regular bulletin on smart meters, 5G, and other issues, focused on California but applicable internationally. E-mail to sign up:

Olle Johansson, the Swedish researcher who has been outspoken about the harms associated with EMFs, regularly sends out updates about new research etc. E-mail to sign up:

Cece Doucette of Massachusetts for Safe Technology runs accessible online sessions for those new to the issue of wireless health harm and for those who want to reduce their exposure. She encourages “safer cell phone use” an idea anathema to folks like Arthur Firstenberg, but her updates are upbeat and perhaps more accessible to mainstream audiences. Sign up here.

Environmental Health Trust does great work including recently publishing an excellent report entitled 5G, Cell Towers and Wireless Legal & Liability Issues You can download the report in pdf here.

Smart Meter Education Network is a Michigan focused group providing direct support and advice to Michiganders. You can sign up for their newsletter which contains news relevant internationally here.

Children’s Health Defense runs a 5G and wireless campaign and you can sign up for their newsletters with updates from around the world here.

Smart Meter Harm regularly updates their website with news and info about smart meters, satellites, cell towers and other matters of interest. Based in California but applicable internationally, there is also a landmark report on smart meters and fires. Check out their website here.

Activist Post regularly publishes posts about smart meters and other issues. Click here.

And last but not least, we (Stop Smart Meters!) send out e-mail updates with news from California and beyond. To sign up please send a request to

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Elettra: Great Italian Short Film About Electro-Injury/ Sensitivity

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The Grinch Pays a Visit to Virginia this Christmas

At least dozens of people– including Milton Williams, the former smart meter installer turned whistleblower interviewed below– have apparently been involuntarily disconnected from the grid by Dominion Energy in Virginia after refusing smart meters on their homes.  This as freezing temperatures spread across the country.

We demand that Dominion reconnect every single family who has been illegally disconnected, and *at least* provide an option for people to retain or replace an analog meter. If they won’t do it, regulators need to step in and do their jobs.

Video interview with those who had their electricity disconnected can be viewed here:

Update Dec. 22nd 2022 Milton reports: “Good news is that Dominion Energy installed our power back with an analog meter — only because they heard the voices of the people.  A special  thanks   to  Attorney John Janson for being the only lawyer who was willing to take on Dominion Energy’s injustice.  Without everyone’s support this would not have been possible. Better days are ahead. But the fight is not over–we are  just getting started there are thousands of people who still need help.”

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Stop Smart Meters! Interviews Milton Williams of L.O.S.E.

A couple of months ago, we had a visit to our refuge from Milton Williams, a former employee of Aclara Energy who installed smart meters for Dominion Energy in Virginia and then became a whistleblower about the unsafe installation practices mandated by his former employer and harmful health impacts of smart grid technology in general. He now runs an organization called L.O.S.E. (Life Over Smart Energy) which raises awareness and empowers people to take back their health, safety and privacy from the smart grid industry. He takes a direct, unapologetic approach to preventing harm from smart meters and offers anyone in Virginia (and perhaps beyond) his services in replacing your unwanted smart meter with a safer analog meter. This is the way it’s done, and we really enjoyed meeting Milton. He is a great human being with a warm heart and a defiant spirit and we need more brave people of conscience like him standing up for all of us.

Milton lives in the Petersburg, VA area and you can call him directly at (804) 295-6194 or e-mail him at Lifeoversmartenergy[at]gmail[dot]com. He described his mission at L.O.S.E. as follows:

“L.O.S.E. was created to shed light on the fact that smart meters can have negative lasting impacts for generations to come. It’s problematic that we were oblivious to this as we put our trust in companies that give us light, but hide their intentions in darkness. Our children should not grow up with health problems, the sick should not get worse or find themselves out of remission, the elderly should not find themselves suffering at an old age, and we the people should not be left in the dark about things that affect our lives. I share this information as a resident, as a father, a husband, an uncle and as a grandfather and just like you all I want to live a healthy and safe life.”

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EMF Refuge for Northern California: Support Needed

One of the projects we have been working on is establishing a wireless and toxic chemical free-zone and retreat where people can come to recover from EMF injuries, (re)connect with nature, and help build the movement. From our years of speaking to thousands of people on our hotline and via e-mails, we know that this is desperately needed.

We are stewarding 15 acres in Plumas County (the Lost Sierra) that we oversee with the help of people who support our vision to preserve this land and share it with people who need it.

The land is incredibly beautiful and includes wetland meadow with a unique wildflower display May-August, old forest, and scrubland, and several camping spots. It is wild here and home to a diversity of plants and animals. We respect the lives of all human and non-humans in the area and totally reject all supremacy, hate or discrimination. The smart grid is a symptom of a larger rot and we must build a world not dependent on this rotting system if we are to survive.

The land includes several outbuildings that we would like to convert to usable spaces. We need volunteers to help on the land—especially those who have experience with construction, and we also need donations to convert outbuildings, buy “bear boxes” (for food storage), provide water to where it is needed, plus fire clearing and other necessities. (You can donate here.)

For now, rough camping is available with limited amenities. The land is close to the Pacific Crest Trail, Lakes Basin and Lake Davis and large forests and other open space. It is usually warm thru the end of September though nights can be very cold and it can snow as early as September or October. Temperatures in winter can get down to -10F so unless you are extremely hardy, camping is a seasonal thing. At this point, people need to be self-sufficient while we work to create infrastructure that can support people who aren’t able to “rough it.” Those traveling under human power are always welcome. Wildfire smoke can be an issue especially in late summer and fall.

We welcome you here if you have a good heart, the need for a safe place to go to recover from toxic civilization, or an interest in helping us develop a utopian center for nature re-connection, forest bathing and activism. We are one hour’s drive from Reno or Truckee, both of which are on the Amtrak California Zephyr line.

For more information or to request an interview in advance of a volunteer or refuge visit, please leave a message on our hotline at 888 965 6435. Thank you!  -SSM!

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