Stop Smart Meters for Cars!

The United States is now considering mandating smart-meter-like wireless transmitting devices in every motor vehicle in the country, a bad move for a number of health, safety, and privacy reasons. More background and links on this topic can be found on the Electrical Pollution website. See official NHTSA site here and spread the word.  Also, tell those in the U.S. Congress to stop this ill-conceived project.

Here is our comment on the NHTSA proceeding :


Requiring microwave transmitters in motor vehicles is not only unconstitutional, it’s impractical and will be widely disobeyed by regular people who rightly fear for their health, safety, and privacy. An uneven, inconsistent application of V2V technology will put lives at risk, and attempts at enforcement of this unconstitutional mandate will result in an even greater public backlash to the project. Transmitters will presumably not be forced (at this time) onto pedestrians, cyclists, dogs, children, and other street users. How will these users be protected from a technological system that has apparently written them out of the equation?

The implications for the freedom of movement and rights of access of those who have been disabled by wireless technology, as well as those who simply prefer not to be microwaved inside the metal chassis of their car, should not be underestimated. Neither should the environmental impacts of adding millions of new transmitters in our cars and along highways.

The alleged safety benefits of V2V technology have not been shown to justify the high cost of implementation, enforcement, maintenance, and liability.  There are still many unanswered questions. Will V2V make the roads less safe by creating new distractions, and adding significantly to the cumulative microwave pollution that drivers are exposed to? Will V2V create a new reliance on a technology that could undermine natural driving ability, and encourage driver risk-taking behavior?

Radiation damage by wireless technology is no laughing matter.  The National Toxicology Program of the U.S. Government recently found that male rats exposed to cell phone radiation developed heart and brain tumors at a significantly higher rate than a control group. (  Children, with their developing brains and bodies, will be put at additional risk from V2V transmitters in cars and along roads.

If we want to make America’s transportation system safer, invest in rail, and active transportation infrastructure like it actually matters, downsize and improve the road network, and stop building car-dependent, asphalt covered, boring places that are terrifying to walk in, and encourage sedentary lifestyles, pollution, and safety risks to residents.

Dousing every vehicle occupant and resident of every street with “mandatory” high frequency pulsed RF microwave radiation will not make up for the safety and land use mistakes of the 20th century–it will very likely compound them.

Josh Hart
Director, Stop Smart Meters!

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Our Ethics and Principles

With increasing awareness of wireless-related health problems, there are a flood of new peoples and organizations promising solutions to the problem- a lot of them sincere and helpful.  However, you need to be aware of an increase in misleading, distracting information out there, and become savvy in recognizing it when you see it.

Anyone who says you can “make wireless safe” is not telling the truth and likely has something useless to sell you. There is no patch, pendant, plug-in device, amulet, ring, necklace, rock, “offset” or crystal that can reduce your exposure to wireless microwave radiation. The science does not support these imaginary fixes in any way, shape or form.

Even half-measures like using a cell phone with an air-tube device, or switching off the wi-fi router at night, may only reduce the risk of cancer and other deadly and debilitating diseases now linked with RF. This is not “safe” or “safer.”  This is (marginally) less dangerous. And there is a world of difference in how we communicate, perceive, and respond to this growing threat.

Here are the principles that guide our everyday work here at

– Wireless technology can not be made “safe” no matter how it is used. Any indication to the contrary is simply false and serves the interests of industry. Any wireless device that is able to function, is also able to do you harm, strictly according to the science.

Wired connectivity should be standard in all homes, schools and other buildings. Everyone has the right to be safe and free from unnecessary harm.

– We encourage politically and directly active community responses to involuntary exposure or limited options for wired connectivity. Every individual and every community has the capacity, voice, power, and right to effect change within their family, neighborhood and community.

– Individual solutions that only mitigate wireless harm to the user will never address the systemic nature of, toxic, carcinogenic wireless pollution in our environment, the worst being borne by low income, marginalized communities.

– Wireless technology (and the “wild west” nature with which it is being deployed) is a symptom of a deeper rot in our society, related to capitalism, greed, and corruption. We cannot address the wireless crisis without addressing its roots.

– Various strategies and approaches are healthy and necessary in order to challenge wireless corporate hegemony, and create new social norms and policies that allow and encourage an overall healthier relationship with technology. Solidarity is key.

We should not be afraid of speaking the truth (as well as the implications of that truth) on this issue. After all, if those living in the U.S. in the 1860’s had been concerned with appearing too “extreme” or “radical” and instead pushed for better treatment of slaves rather than total abolition, slavery may still be with us today with all its horrors and human tragedies.

Be outspoken and get in the way- take responsibility for making your home and your community the way you want it to be. Be proud of the resistance movement against smart meters and the network we’ve created together-SSM!

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Southern California Gas Disconnects “Opt Out” Fee Resister; Fairfax, Sebastopol Face Forced Smart Meter Deployment

California Investor-Owned Utilities on War Path

“Soft defenses” surround Mr. Hermann’s gas meter– no longer functioning since he was disconnected in December, though he had paid his bill (minus the illegal opt out charge)

On December 7th, 2016, the Southern California Gas Company disconnected the gas service of San Luis Obispo resident Ken Herrmann for unpaid “opt-out” fees related to their “advanced” metering system. This is the first instance we are aware of where an investor owned utility (IOU) in California has disconnected service solely for non-payment of opt out fees.  While thousands of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E customers continue to deduct illegal “opt out” fees from their utility bills, and subsequently receive letters threatening imminent disconnect, so far we have not heard of anyone apart from Mr. Herrmann whose service has been disconnected due to non-payment of ‘opt out’ fees to an account in good standing.

This is an outrageous violation of our rights by shareholder-controlled corporations who enjoy monopoly control over essential services, and are using RF as a weapon to extract protection racket fees. Let’s not forget that former SCE CEO and CPUC President Michael Peevey was caught with his pants down admitting over e-mail that:

There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF,etc., and rather than have them becoming hysterical, etc., I would quietly leave them alone. Kick it around.”

Michael Peevey’s legacy is one of state-sanctioned extortion involving (what he admitted in writing) smart meters that make people “feel pain.”  Now, state “regulated” utilities are actually disconnecting service for people who:

1) refuse to accept a device that the former CPUC President admitted in writing “causes pain,” or the “etc…” of hidden damage that Peevey alludes to

2) refuse to pay a fee to avoid such pain and damage

Now that the energy industry controls the federal executive branch, utilities may see a green light for further bullying crackdowns. This criminal behavior must be resisted through a diversity of tactics.

Mr. Hermann’s PG&E analog electric meter, physically secured since 2012 by steel plate and 2 reinforced locks.

Mr. Herrmann consistently paid all gas usage costs and rightfully deducted the unwarranted and illegal“opt-out” fees.

He asserts that  the collection of time-sensitive energy-use-data through the use of “smart” metering is a violation of his natural and constitutional (California – Article 1, sections 1 &13, United States – 4th Amendment) right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. In a formal complaint  filed with the CPUC after being disconnected, Mr. Herrmann writes that:

“as an agency of the State, the CPUC has a Constitutional restriction from acts depriving any person of life, liberty, or property, (Privacy being property) as stated in the United States Constitution – 14th Amendment… addition, the acquisition of private data (property) through “smart” or “advanced “ metering, and “opt-out” charges and threats of, or actual, utility disconnection meet the United States Code definition of Extortion.”

Mr. Herrmann’s complaint goes on to say:

  • The CPUC, in support of “smart” and “advanced” metering, has failed to serve the public interest, failed to protect consumers, and failed to support and defend our California and United States Constitutions.
  • The CPUC is operating under a “color of right” or “color of law” in its support and “authorization” of “smart” and “Advanced” metering.
  • The CPUC must remove support for these metering systems and fully support and recognize “the benefits that accrue to those not deploying such technology and devices, but who are part of the same regional electricity entity” (Energy Policy Act of 2005, section 1252f).
  • The CPUC must support all citizens who object to forced installation of invasive personal data collection devices and end all extortionate charges (“opt-out” fees) and action (threats of, and actual, disconnections)

Mr. Herrmann is intent on holding out against the utility and has set up alternative heating and cooking systems to manage daily household functions (much as we did three years ago when the local utility cut us off for refusing to pay opt out fees) until justice prevails in his case.  We wish him luck and will continue to support his resistance. Just as we support the many others who are standing up for safe communities, and who continue to deduct ridiculous and insulting “opt out” fees for a system they never “opted in” to, from their monthly bills.

Resistance Towns Fairfax and Sebastopol Under Smart Meter Deployment Threat

Community blockade in Dec. 2010 led to the withdrawal of Wellington Energy from areas of Marin and Sonoma Counties- now they are back.

Meanwhile, PG&E has threatened to deploy smart meters into two Northern California cities which outlawed the devices in 2010.  According to one report, “there could be confrontations” between residents opposed to the electronic surveillance devices in their community, and utility employees attempting to install.  Similar “confrontations” led to PG&E withdrawing its “forces” from the area in 2010. We continue to rally behind these North Bay Area communities, and call for solidarity and direct action to resist utility bullying, and support the democratic right of city and county governments to pass and enforce smart meter bans.

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5G and the “IoT” Set to Wreak Even Greater Biological Havoc


Call your US Senators and Tell Them- Vote NO on Mobile Now Act S.19 and Vote NO on Digit Act S.88. More info on these dangerous, radiation-proliferating bills is available here. The U.S. Senate plans to vote any day. Please take action on this today. There have been early reports of serious and alarming effects on cows where 5G was being tested in the Netherlands.

Some have dubbed plans for a new network of extremely high millimeter wave 5G small-cell antennas  as “smart meters on steroids.”

There is no doubt that the telecom’s industry’s plans for a massive 5G deployment (on top of the existing 4G towers and smart meter mesh networks) represent the single biggest threat to our safety, health, privacy and cyber-security since smart grid deployments began.  It’s incumbent on every person aware of the facts to take action and voice opposition- on the record- to these reckless and invasive plans. For more details on what exactly “5G” entails, check out the new website

This is the latest attempt to pre-empt local government authority in regulating the placement of a massive network of small cell sites in the public right-of way. That means that a strong, super high frequency antenna could be installed by an unaccountable global corporation outside your bedroom window or inside the office where you work without any notice to you, and with no meaningful way to contest the placement. This has profound implications for community rights, environmental health, and democracy- even property values are threatened by this giant “taking” by Verizon and the rest of the gang of our public (and private) spaces. To make matters worse, 5G networks are already being used as justification for severing our critical landline telephone networks, subjecting an already EMF-saturated population to mandatory wireless usage for voice communication.

This is not some far off threat. Telecom companies are already deploying 5G technologies in British Columbia, the San Francisco Bay Area, rural Virginia, and elsewhere.

Fight Back Now– Start Here: Detailed instructions on how to submit an official comment to the FCC as well as brief sample testimony is available by downloading this pdf guide, created by the people at, an excellent critical and factual resource raising awareness about the predatory nature of the industry’s 5G plans where you live.

Speaking of predatory, check out the new article at, “We’re Being Hunted by Smart Meters and the Internet of Things” about how extending the internet to “everything” makes us all into prey.

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Occupy Interview Touches on Direct Action, EMF Sanctuaries, and Racism Within the Movement

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-58-45-amTwo weeks ago I was invited to speak on the weekly Occupy EMF Call, based in New York City. Thanks to the moderator and all those who participated in the discussion.  The themes discussed during the call included the necessity of civil disobedience, the need to establish a retreat for those injured by smart meters and other wireless devices, and the importance of confronting racism and xenophobia in our movement. These issues have all taken on a new urgency since the call. Let us know what you think, and get in touch with us to get involved- we need your support and involvement! Listen to the recorded call here.

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