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Defend Your Analog Meter Part II

Successful meter defenses allow the meter to be read, but not removed.   The meter belongs to the utility, but the enclosure is – after all – your property.   If PG&E or another utility damages your property to force their incredibly … Continue reading

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Defend Your Analog Meter

These photos were sent to us from someone in the Santa Cruz Mountains who has avoided wireless smart meter installation.   If you live in a home that was built originally with no electricity (perish the thought), often the meter and … Continue reading

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Community Gathers to Defend One of Their Own in Ann Arbor

On Monday, August 14, 2017, people from across Michigan participated in a community defense mass action to stop unauthorized “smart” meter installation and to show the utility company that they will not submit to the utility’s coercive tactics. Since then, … Continue reading

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Fake Back Your Power? The Emperor Wears no Clothes…

The film “Take Back Your Power” by Canadian immigrant Josh del Sol- released in 2013- did an excellent job of dramatically describing the problems caused by smart meters. Unfortunately the solutions that Mr. del Sol proposes to deal with the … Continue reading

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AT&T Wants to Replace Your Landline with a Cell Tower- Seriously

Many AT&T customers have recently received the above notice in their monthly bills. The notice threatens to disconnect your service unless you allow “network equipment ” (likely wireless transmitters) to be installed on your home though AT&T have been vague … Continue reading

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