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24 Responses to Bulletins

  1. Robert says:

    Thank you so much for this website, the wealth of information and your advice to lock up the Smart Meter. Great idea. I’ve written Edison and the CPUC that they may not trespass on my property to install the Smart Meter, that they must provide a viable alternative (which they have not done), etc.

    Just think of this: Joe is being charged with some crime. The prosecution introduces in court data collected by the Smart Meter as evidence against him. Joe cites his rights under 4th and 5th Amendments to block the prosecution from using that SmartMeter data. The judge refuses Joe and allows the data into evidence, saying: “But Joe, you have already given up your constitutional protections from unreasonable search and seizure and self-incrimination because YOU HAVE ALLOWED the installation of the Smart Meter on your property.”

    They are installing their Smart Meters ON OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY. We can refuse them on that basis.

    • Melissa says:

      You can refuse to have them, but they will charge you money for having the old meter per month. Our town allowed for smart meters. Now alot of people are becoming ill. PG&E said there is no proof (of course). But they could take out the smart meters for a fee and replace them with the old meters for another fee and another monthly fee for the meter person to come out and read it ever month!

  2. Beesnutz says:

    Yeah, where does PG&E get off trying to upgrade their own equipment? This capitalism stuff is ridiculous, and private companies that provide invaluable services shouldn’t be able improve their products! We need the government to run electrical utilities b/c they are much more efficient, aas proven in all other facets, ie USPS, Social Security, EPA, Medicare. Give me a break! God forbid one of the largest utilities in the nation try and provide a better service to its millions of customers, while be coming more “green”. You commi’s can’t have it both ways.

    By the way, what substantial accredited research has been done to support any of these anti-smart meter claims. It seems to me that the majority of studies conclude the meters are safe, yet these protesters continue to gin up fear in the hopes of their own empowerment. I mean think, who heard of this douche Josh Hart? This guy is an unemployed nobody, who is probably been on EDD assistance for the full 3 years, living off of the tax payers. Meanwhile, he’s out building his own brand. An ego maniac who’s skewed information for his own self-engrandizement, and power over hippie putty brains that have been living in homes with all kinds of RF. Yet, the meter on the outside of their home has caused immeasurable damage. Or, was it all of the drugs you guys did in the 60’s and 70’s? Hats off to Josh Hart, he’s going to get rich on the backs of PG&e, and all of you wack jobs who call for progress, yet hate it when it arrives. No matter what PG&E does you guys will be mad, get a hobby.

    • Melissa says:

      PG& E for years has been under the fire. They do not test any of they’re equipment nor care about any health effects this is no secret. But when you have an entire towns getting sick, causing cancer, and birth effects from PG& E equipment. You can’t be naive and judgmentally about it. I guess you can until it happens to you.

    • thornsoftristan says:

      Sure, Mr. Beesnutz, I mean, “PG&E PR-Flack:” get a REAL job.

    • Btruth says:

      A typical government troll and or socially engineered sheeple with no critical thinking or common sense. Their is copious amounts of facts regarding the effects of E.M. fields on living organisms. Leave the hegelian dialectic commie B.S. remarks for people who haven’t been dumbed down and can relate to your obvious ignorance!

  3. cm says:

    Look, ‘beesnutz’ you know-nothing tech wanna-be, you clearly have no idea what these meters do, and what they are going to do, never mind the physical effects. This page may focus on that, however the physical effects are side issue to the privacy invasion they present. But let’s set aside your silly ignorance for a moment, this is NOT a case of some company, in competition with other companies for your business, just ‘upgrading’ their ‘product’. Your utility is a MONOPOLY. That singular fact blows your capitalism argument. Tell you what, follower, when do you finally get the memo that the government is in your house literally viewing and listening to what you do, just as they do now even when your cell phone is turned off, and you start crying about it, nobody is going to give a shit.

  4. jenny shore says:

    great work you’re doing!

  5. Karen Speed says:

    Live on the East Coast and this is an issue that I have not heard of locally. How do we become informed as to what our area energy company has planned in order to be aware of what equipment they are using?

  6. Mariah says:

    I live in apartments in Aptos CA. They have installed Smart Meters to my neighbors systems (i don’t know how to call it). Since they are apartments, my neighbors apartment’s are connected to my apartment, and the Smart Meters and Connected to my apartment not theirs. Shouldn’t the people living in the apartment that is going to be affected by radiation be in charge if they want the smart meters there or not? We opted out to get the Smart Meter, but since our neighbors didn’t care or maybe didn’t have the knowledge about this matter they said go ahead. So even though we didn’t want the meters put in PG&E put in 3 Smart Meters to the side of my apartment which is on the other side of the wall from my living room where my family and dog spends most of our time. The PG&E worker informed us that each Smart Meter gives off .01 radiation, but the part he didn’t tell us is if it gives off .01 of radiation ever hour, every week, or every month. He also told us that we still get radiation from cell phones, microwaves, and TVs. From word of mouth i heard the amount of radiation given off from cellphones in 10 years is how much the Smart Meters give off (again i don’t know if that’s per hour, week, or month.) I’d be great if i could get info about what this meter is giving off to my family.

  7. Darius Barnes says:

    I am attempting to gather information on the RF meters and the Smart Meters. I called my power company to complain about my meter and they told me that I did not have a smart meter. I currently have an RF meter. They claim this is so they do not have to go on to peoples property. I asked if the RF meter gave out radiation like the smart meter and they told me they did not know. I want to demand a removal of this meter and a replacement of my analog meter but I do not wish to go in blind. Could someone who actually knows about these tell me if an RF meter is also dangerous? My email is mozart1962 at aol dot com. thank you Darius

    • Hi Darius,

      Your utility is lying to you- you do have a smart meter if it is emitting rf or “radiofrequency”, which is the same as microwave radiation. You have the right to have the meter removed from your home if you never gave consent for them to install it in the first place.

  8. @Dude7017 says:

    SMUD sent us a letter today informing us of our “choices” of a one-time fee of $127 and an additional monthly fee of $39.40 to opt-out of our smart meter, else have one installed.

    I listened to the entire meeting in which they discussed sending out this letter. You may listen at this link (audio only). http://youtu.be/eVtPDfTTgN8

    THEY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID of what they kept referring to as “Reputational Risk” to SMUD, as it was mentioned numerous times throughout the hour plus long meeting.

    THEY DON’T WANT US TO KNOW that ANYONE may opt out from now until December 31, 2012. They purposely have kept this on the down-low…. Furthermore, the SMUD general manager has the “discretion” to revise this fee schedule [based on the number of opt-out participants vs. cost to administer the program divided over 36 months].

    Bottom line, we who are in the SMUD Sacramento area can opt out of smart meters, even if it is already installed.

    I would encourage everyone to listen to the linked audio. It will shed some light on how SMUD truly views their “customers”.

  9. Thomas Van Dyke says:

    I got the same junk. The utility office says they have no information on the meters. Then the supervisor calls like 2 days later and says there is not opt out and to check the manufacture for information. He just says it is safe and does not have radiation.But I see a lot of different stories online. I also found that meters may not be UL certified or FCC certified for the signal they put out. The last thing I am seeing is that I am finding that there is not federal Mandate to requite them. If this is so why are places going through all this trouble to remove them.

  10. Thomas Van Dyke says:

    They tell me to go to the Tantalus site the maker.

  11. Rob says:

    They started butting them in today in our neighborhood, and did not tell us anything about it. Wilmington, VT

  12. aaron says:

    The electric companies also push ‘Smart Thermostats’, low water toilets.
    I toss these flyers in the trash whenever I see one in the mail.

    ..It’s unreal the corruption in our society. Always Vote in your local elections,
    don’t think small issues are irrelevant. I usually vote against all bonds.

  13. Hi, I am an Integrative Holisitic Physician and I treat EHS. I just watched the movie presentation at San Rafael Community Center. Josh announced that April 22nd was “Remove Smart Meter Day” and that if people want to participate they must get some paper work done before hand. Can I have more information on that – what region does it cover? Does this mean on April 22nd people can use wire cutters and remove their own smart meter as a nationwide/statewide protest? How do I find out more? Thank you, Dr. Chan

  14. Bonny Evans says:

    I am in Lumberton, Ms. and did not even realize I had smart meters until we had a fire. I had a meter on my kennel and another on my home. We had been in kennel an hour before, was outside and only had gone inside for under 30 min. before nephew ran in saying kennel on fire. We immediately ran to kennel to rescue dogs. The entire kennel was totally engulfed in flames. It was an L shaped 1600 sq ft metal walled structure and was a total loss. 3 dogs & 1 puppy died and 4 seriously injured. I was also burned. Dogs had 25 ft runs from building and still were injured/died. Not normal fire. Normal fire would have started in one area and worked through building. Entire building was engulfed! Meter pole 12 ft from building had smart meter and metal box for meter was blownout/melted away on left side. Pole was burned and encased wiring from panel into kennel was melted. Fire marshall will not commit yet says never seen anything like it and kept coming back to meter as source!! Says electric comp. has too much money to fight and getting them to accept blame would be impossible!!! I am scared to leave home since it also has this meter. Another potential problem I have is a neighbor let Verizon install a cell tower on their property, next to my fence!!! It also has a generator which I have been told can potentially cause a power back surge if the switch delays when the generator kicks on. My house has a new transformer, yet the kennel had an old transformer. Not to mention tree limbs that we had requested them to remove, yet they did not because the limbs would have fallen on neighbors property. DOES anyone have suggestions on a course of action I can take??????

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